Who We Are

Gitanyow Human Services is a branch of the Gitanyow Band Council. The Consolidated Contribution Agreement is between First Nations and Inuit Health Branch and the Gitanyow Band Council.
Gitanyow Human Services is governed by a Health Board which consists of a representative from each of the four traditional Gitxsan Clans: Wolf, Frog, Grouse and Eagle.

The Community of Gitanyow is located in north-western BC and is situated just off of the Stewart-Cassiar Highway, twenty-two kilometers north of the junction between Highways 16 and 37 at Gitwangak. Culturally Gitxsan, Gitanyow has always sought to maintain its independence, adhere to Gitxsan laws and uphold their customs and traditions. Gitanyow’s semi-isolation is a challenge to accessing health and community services.

Gitanyow has long been involved in efforts to develop a healthy, sustainable community that has as its foundation, Gitanyow law, traditions and values. Over the last several years, this effort has focused on identifying what health means to Gitanyow, what factors support good health and how to build an effective health system that meets community needs.  This work, carried out by Gitanyow Human Services, is dedicated to the community for the betterment of all who reside there.

Gitanyow Human Services has been delivering the community health programs since 2001.  Services include:

Community Health                              Home and Community Care
Visiting Physicians Services                 Dental Therapy
Medical Transportation                       Aboriginal Diabetes Initiatives
Brighter Futures                                 Community Prevention and Promotion
 Suicide Prevention                             Solvent Abuse